Monday, February 20, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Oscar Predictions

The Academy Awards are given out in less than a week. Now, seems like a good time to make my predictions. Honestly, this is a pretty predictable year. Last year, we had The King's Speech vs. The Social Network which gave us a little uncertainty to make the night interesting. This year, there will be no surprise as 23 of the 24 awards will go to Footloose and Best Supporting Actor will go to Uggie from The Artist. I jest.

Just because I did not really care for War Horse does not mean I don't think it is gorgeous. This is the only award that the movie will pick up.

Art Direction
Harry Potter. Because I think the last movie deserves something.

Original Song
"Man or Muppet." It is a fun song that is a pivotal point in the movie. It is a shame that there will not be a performance at the ceremony.

Original Score
The Artist. The movie is all score. How could they not give the award to it?

Best Adapted Screenplay
I guess The Descendants is the favorite in this category but my gut is going with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. There are a few reasons I'm going with TTSS. Co-writer Bridget O'Connor died before the film was completed. Her co-writer/husband gave a wonderful speech at the BAFTAs (the Academy awards people who give the best speeches). Also, this would be the only award that the movie would pick up.

Best Original Screenplay
I went to look up the nominees and then went, "Oh, duh." While Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris seems to be the favorite, I think this one is going to get swept up by The Artist. The Academy is going to throw awards at The Artist all night.

Best Supporting Actress
Both supporting categories have already been decided. Octavia Spencer is winning.

Best Supporting Actor
My personal choice for this one is Uggie but I guess there is some rule about only giving awards to humans or something. Anyway, Christopher Plummer will take this home. Some people are trying to pretend that Max von Sydow might win, but that's not happening.

Best Actress
Most people will tell you that Meryl Streep is the front runner. But, really, Viola Davis is the one to expect to win. I think if Viola Davis does not win, Michelle Williams will score a surprise win. I repeat, Meryl Streep is not going to win this one.

Best Actor
Jean Dujardin is taking this one. Expect an adorable speech.

Best Director
Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist.

Best Picture
The Artist. No question. I think, of the nine nominees, The Artist is the only one that will be remembered years from now.

The 84th Academy Awards are going to be the most predictable in a while.

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