Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Greatest Ace Procrastinator

On Sunday, Emily and I were talking about my blog and how unbelievably (yet believably) hysterical I am among other things. I mentioned that I wanted to write a blog post every week but that it did not look like one was going up for this week because I had nothing to say. Also, I’m a huge procrastinator. That’s when I said I would probably end up doing a post about being a procrastinator. But I’d do it tomorrow. Get it? I’m so funny. I would procrastinate doing a post about procrastination. That was Sunday. It's Tuesday.

I should also mention that the above paragraph was written at about 11:30 this morning and now (11:30 pm) I'm finally getting around to finishing it. But in my defense, I was in the library, Carrie showed up and we had an entirely too long conversation about Pokemon. I plan time for procrastinating and still end up behind schedule. I'm so horrible.

Family legend has it that my mother had scheduled a c-section on March 8, 1988. She went into labor early in the morning on Monday, March 7, 1988. It was the beginning of Procrastinator's Week. My mother says it's the only thing I've been early for in my entire life.

Full Disclosure: I went to bed and did not finish this post last night. It is now Wednesday evening. This stopped being funny about 24 hours ago. Now, it’s just pathetic. Speaking of pathetic, I have a night class in 40 minutes that I didn’t finish reading for and should probably be doing that. It’s okay though. I’m suppose to read Doing Honest Work in College and one of the first things the book says is that not reading isn’t cheating. It’s just not getting the most of your education or something. I was really just skimming that part.

So… I don’t really know where I’m going with this post. I really wanted to try and get at least one post up per week. Hence, me writing about anything. Of course, now I’m too late and it’s been over a week. I guess I’ll just have to deal. I promise I’ll do better next week. At least, I’ll try to do better next week. Spare me the “do or do not, there is no try” stuff. I know. You’re just going to have to deal too. Why? Because I’m the goddamn dynamic failure and I can goddamn write my posts about whatever I goddamn want. Goddamn it. Also I can post them whenever I want (but I’ll try to be better). I never said I was perfect. Okay. I did. Because I am.

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  1. Oh my god...I nearly died at the last part. I love you and your procrastination. Please don't ever change, what with your fixed tooth and new glasses, I hardly recognize you anymore. Thank Hera that you still have crazy long hair that makes you easy to spot in the Cyber or dining hall.