Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Sarah Flowchart: Cold Case Killers

I have been very productive over the Christmas break. Not productive productive. But, you know, sorta kinda not really productive but I spent a lot of time on these random things so I'll call it being productive productive. First, I should explain that my brother Jimmy has become obsessed with Cold Case. I occasionally watch an episode with him and I usually make fun of it. We frequently make jokes about the staples of Cold Case including the basic formulas for figuring out who did it. It usually looks like the case is going to be super complicated and require excellent detective skills to solve. But when it comes down to it, the case is solved because someone remembers the exact wording of a conversation from 40 years ago. Now, I know that sometimes Cold Case does not follow the formula and tries to really shock us, but those episodes tend to be more like a Law & Order episode and that has it's own formula to which it adheres and that's a whole different flowchart. So, because I have no life, here is a flowchart depicting how to figure out the killer in every single episode (well, most of them) of Cold Case. Begin at the yellow box with the red border and continue until you find the guilty person (hint: You need to get to the purple box). Enjoy!

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